About DMC Fashion Empire

DMC Fashion Empire is a manufacturer and retailer of upscale unisex clothing lines for all ages. DMC FASHION Empire also specializes in Custom made and ready to wear foreign and African traditional outfits, bridal collections, Dinner outfits and men’s suits. At DMC fashion academy, we train and groom young people to learn and practice the art of creative fashion designing from beginners stages to establishing fashion businesses of their own.
We nurture and tune fashion minds to produce high quality designs while paying attention to minutest details. We also offer advanced courses in Fashion designing to suit the dynamic needs of the ever-changing fashion industry.

We also offer photography services, studio and event photography and modeling photography as well as training. Our other services also include make over for all occasions and hairstyling which is in the pipeline. DMC Fashion Empire is a leading Fashion House based in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.​

Dmc Fashion Empire